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Colegio Inmaculada-Marillac. Calle García de Paredes, 41. Mapa ikusi

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SEVEN is a riveting piece of documentary theatre that tells the true stories of seven remarkable women who faced life-threatening obstacles to bring about major improvements in the lives of women and girls in their home countries of Nigeria, Cambodia, Guatemala, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Russia and Pakistan.

In this verbatim piece, conceived by Carol Mack and written by seven award-winning female playwrights, the words of these seven extraordinary women are weaved together to create a compelling tapestry of stories. An inspiring play that gives voice to all women: the voiceless, the poor and the invisible.

A staged reading directed by MARTA RUBIO


MAZZIE LAFA as Hafsat Abiola, empowering rural women in Nigeria.

YAN HUANG as Mu Sochua, rescuing girls from human trafficking in Cambodia.

MAVI HERMIDA as Anabella de León, giving voice to the poor in Guatemala.

SARAH EBERY as Inez McCormack, promoting equality in Northern Ireland.

NADINE KATKHUDA as Farida Azizi, giving voice to the poor in Afghanistan.

TATIANA EMAN as Marina Pisklakova-Parker, protecting women from domestic violence in Russia.

SHABILA PERVEEN as Mukhtar Mai, fighting for women's education and rights in Pakistan.

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Adult content, parental discretion is advised.

Covid safety measures in place, along with reduced seating. To allow for correct seating, please arrive 30 minutes before curtain up.

No tickets will be sold at the door. Please, buy your tickets through this online platform.

SEVEN by Paula Cizmar and various authors. This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.

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Iritzia balioztatuta2021/09/18 egunean joan zen
An touching play, acted nicely and sung beautifully. The audience was superb and the venue was nice and cozy. A talented direction.
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/09/17 egunean joan zen
Well done everybody!
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/09/18 egunean joan zen
Best piece of theatre I’ve seen in a while
This play was beyond brilliant. Incredibly moving and thought-provoking. Beautifully acted and worth every penny. I couldn’t recommend it more!
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/09/18 egunean joan zen
Muy buena
Hubo unas actuaciones que me gustaron más pero todas las temáticas fueron interesantes y emotivas
Iritzia balioztatuta2021/09/18 egunean joan zen
Excellent! Well done to you all for a wonderful performance and for acting to a live audience!
Well done to you all for a wonderful performance and for acting to a live audience!
Claire Tedjini
+ Gehiago



The Madrid Players

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