Castell de Ribes Guided tours in English

Castell de Ribes Guided tours in English

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Castell de Ribes Guided tours in English

Castell de Ribes Guided tours in English

Castell de Ribes. Plaça del Castell. S/N, 08810 Sant Pere de Ribes. Ver mapa

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The Castle of Ribes, which dates back to the 10th century, has witnessed the historical evolution of Ribes and these visits explain this process from its early stages until nowadays.
Through pictures, videos, sounds and models, visitors are able to gain in-deep knowledge of the landscape and geological characteristics of the area, the relationship between the Castle and nearby constructions and why the castle sits on top of a cliff. Fauna, flora, and even local cuisine are displayed throughout the visit as well as the lives of some of the most important people who inhabited the castle thorugh its history, from the first feudal lords to the great dancer José de Udaeta. 

General admission: 5€
Child ticket between the ages of 5 and 8: 2,5€
Free entrance for children between the ages of 0 and 4 (no ticket or reservation required) 

Organitza: Servei de Cultura de l'Ajuntament de Sant Pere de Ribes

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Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 30/04/2022
Interactive Multimedia Tour
I had already taken the tour in 2021 and was back for the second time. This was so that my friend visiting from London could also enjoy it. Nuria was our guide and it was lovely to spend 90 minutes or Ler mais so with her learning about the history of the castle, but also that of the wider Ribes town/area. The tour is centred on the main circular tower at the castle, and explores its uses and roles over time. As well as the narrative provided by Nuria, there are lots of interactive and multimedia elements that bring everything to life. I would recommend the tour which is excellent value at 5€ for adults and €2,50 for children. I'd suggest five years and upwards for children, unless it is one of the dedicated family tours/days which I think are only in Catalan/Spanish.
Sam Roberts (For Lawrie)
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 12/02/2022
Un buen rato
A ver, no esperemos un castillo, es mas bien una torre. Dicho esto, el lugar esta muy bien museizado, los guias son muy amables y estan totalmente entregados a lo que hacen, de forma que es una activi Ler mais ad que bien vale la pena para pasar un rato agradable. Yo lo recomiendo.
Opinião verificadaAssistiu o 2/10/2021
Fascinating Tour of a Historical Treasure (in English)
The castle has been converted (2021) into a museum/exhibit with guided tours available in English, Spanish and Catalan. On Sundays there are family-focused tours in Spanish. We took the English langu Ler mais ge tour with Xavier at 10am on Saturday morning and it was an excellent experience. The entire visit took 90 minutes which brought us a great understanding of the castle itself, but also its important role in the history of the town. We learned about the evolution of the building group, the conflicts it was involved with, its time as a prison, and its most recent role as home to 'king of the castanets' Jose de Udaeta. Our guide (Xavier) spoke perfect English, and clearly had a deep understanding of the history of the castle, Sant Pere de Ribes, and the region. When we asked questions he always built on what he'd said, and everything came off the cuff with no script in sight. Throughout the tour there was a rich array of audiovisual materials which brought everything to life. I would highly recommend the new visitor experience at the castle which is itself a beautiful spot on the outskirts of the town. It's a bargain at 5€ per adult and 2.50€ per child over five. (Our six year old was more or less happy throughout, although our four year old got a bit bored at points.) My only suggested improvement would be an opportunity to buy a souvenir, or some of the local produce that is shown towards the end of the tour. Recommended, and probably the best thing for visitors to Ribes apart from just strolling around the town and enjoying a drink and a bite in the plaza. Tripadvisor:
Sam Roberts


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